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Gapfruit TEE aims to provide a toolkit for hardware manufacturers and system integrators to build solutions for various threat models and use-cases in the finance, health, and governmental sectors.


●  For device and appliance manufacturers, Gapfruit TEE can be customized and integrated into their products.

●  For IT or OT system architects, products running Gapfruit TEE, are easily integrated into their infrastructure, with an open and straightforward API.


Existing applications run inside Gapfruit TEEs without or with minimal modifications. The interface to exchange data to TEE applications is via the simple Unix interfaces: stdin, stdout, and stderr.

This allows developers to write and test applications for Gapfruit TEE on any operating system. These applications can then be deployed to a TEE appliance.

The API makes it easy to handle access control and have an attested proof of the computation, the input, output, and the applications TCB during runtime.


Gapfruit TEE embodies a microkernel operating system with capability-based security. Each component of the system is strongly isolated and has only access to the resources and services it really needs. The trust graph of each component is concisely defined and verified during build, deployment, and run time. Gapfruit TEE runs on ARM, x86, and RISC-V leveraging the hardware security properties these chips provide.


Securely interconnect your critical infrastructure.


Building secure gateways that connect industrial devices to the cloud requires deep domain expertise. These devices are often used in critical infrastructure for decades.
Gapfruit provides a platform to build inherently secure IoT devices that scale and last. You only build and deploy the code you really need. Please get in Gapfruit and request the whitepaper.


●  Various migration paths

●  Risk-free automatic updates

●  Certified for Azure IoT cloud

●  Secure boot

●  Full disk encryption

●  Self-healing resiliency, even for drivers

●  Multi CPU: ARM, x86, RISC-V


Partners will get a future-proof and tremendously scalable platform.

Devices built with Gapfruit IoT at its core set new security standards in the IoT world. It provides several low-risk migration paths enabling any unmodified application to run.