The Next Era of Operating Systems

Introducing a new level of

confidence to computer systems

Gapfruit enables people to build truly trustworthy products.


The definition of insanity is doing patchwork security over and over again, but expecting more secure results.​


We bring recognized academic operating system research to real-world products. Gapfruit should be in every device where safety, security, and privacy matter.

Christian Kielmann / CEO & Co-Founder


Securosys selected Gapfruit to design the world's first capability-based Trusted Execution Environment for the high-security banking and payment industry.


Gapfruit is honored to be working with one of the largest IT system providers in Europe to develop a genuinely secure IoT gateway.


Explore our study from a renowned aircraft engineer about how Gapfruit can address a significant limitation of today's commonly used RTOS' for use in DO-178C LEVEL-A safety-critical avionics software.